Sunday Morning Service: 9:30 AM

Sunday mornings at Fairmount are about, first and foremost, worshiping our Creator but we also have the benefit of fellowshipping with brothers and sisters and enjoying a true sense of community. Our morning service starts with a variety of hymns, and modern worship music intermixed with a moment of prayer as well as a time of Scripture reading. The Pastor then preaches from the Word of God, in an expository fashion (drawing from the passage- details and what it means). The messages are applied to life of today from a timeless and true text,the Holy Bible. At the conclusion of the service we invite you to join us for fellowship, coffee and donuts.

Sunday School : 11:15 AM

Sunday School at Fairmount Bible Church is not just for children any more. Here at Fairmount; Sunday School is for all ages. It is a time of study and devotion, a time to ask questions and share your thoughts. We see this as an opportunity to develop deeper relationships with our Lord Jesus Christ as well as with one another an opportunity to delve in the meat of Holly Scripture. We invite anyone with question about God, Faith or Scripture or anyone who is looking to strengthen their faith in the one true God.

Sunday Morning Podcast

Coming Soon : We we are working on providing podcasts of Sunday morning sermons and more.